Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting May 2017


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bluehost-top $4.95 Best cPanel Hosting 95% get-offer-button
ipage-top $1.99 Best Basic Hosting 94% get-offer-button
godaddy-top $1 Reliable SSL Hosting 94% get-offer-button
a2-hosting-top $3.95 Best SSD Shared Hosting 93% get-offer-button
wp-engine-top $9 Best WordPress Hosting 91% get-offer-button

Looking for Cheap Hosting

Most of us are developing many websites and blogs for several purposes like business and personal use. Everyone likes to run their sites on the cheapest web hosting plans. When you are looking for the best at the same for cheap hosting, you should not go for cheap service instead you have to go search which one will support PHP and MySQL web scripts.


How to Choose?

Many web hosting companies are offering hosting services at a reasonable value. Go ahead and search for those companies then start hosting to sites in a good way. You can also use coupon code and discounts on the standard plan from reputable hosting providers. A good hosting could be reliable service and fast responsive one, which have to offer top-notch consumer support, rich quality solutions along with high features at the cheapest cost.

  • First of all go for the prominent hosting for your site.
  • Then compare the features, plans and pricing of each leading hosting providers.
  • Read the Reviews.
  • Finally pick the best suited one according to your need.

Best Hosting Providers of 2016

There are many companies are offering hosting solution at  the best cost with latest features and benefits. Let us see something about those companies regarding how they are offering services to their valuable customers.

  • Both iPage and IXWebHosting companies are providing wealthy features to their users along with unlimited benefits. Moreover IXWebHosting has been offering free dedicated IP with its package, which will be the most needed one for SEO.
  • Coming to InMotion Hosting, it is the foremost hosting company in the world, who makes business-class solutions at an affordable rate to everyone who needs it. You can choose this one for your site, where the stop has been giving free data backup, unlimited hosting options, free SSD and more with its hosting plan.
  • Next the market’s dominant hosting Industry Bluehost is a well-famous, which has proven its uptime guarantee, performance and customer support. But when compare to other companies, the price of is little bit high but still it is affordable because of its services and solutions.
  • Arvixe is the best one in providing ASP.NET hosting service. If you developing a powerful ASP.NET site means, you can prefer this company, which can covers all the necessary features what you need really at the low cost.
  • Ever green environment protection is from GreenGeeks & WebHostingHub provides limitless features with free domain.

Shared Web Hosting :

Webhosting is the leading Industry in globe where people could use website for the business and hosting purposes. Shared hosting is a webhosting in which hosting provider will serve the web pages for websites, having their own domain name from a single web server. It is considered to be an expensive way for most of the businesses to create a web presence and it will usually not sufficient for websites with high traffic.  The hosting server should include the main system administration where it has more benefit for the users and power users who are in need of control.


Bluehost is a dominal leading provider of cloud based platforms solutions which helps small and medium sized businesses with succeeding online presence. They are serving over 2 million websites globally, and the hosting giant has more than 10 years of experience and with constant advancement in generic web products. is a crown leader in shared hosting services with free domains, hosting space, bandwidth, email accounts, 1 click wordpress Install features comes with a low price of $3.49 per month. Its right time to start the web hosting services with bluehost and it has Google Integration with the power of Google Apps with the domain, secure, online storage and it has money back-guarantee with no hidden fees.

Justhost is cheapest and reliable web hosting provider and the customer could say with the pride of utilizing the hosting services that are offered by the company.  They are providing you with the free registration for 1 domain with just plan and you can transfer the domain for free of cost. Justhost is focusing only on the luxury of managing all kind of websites form and all on the same server with the limited cost of $2.95 per month for the shared hosting services. Justhost is specialized in serving the vps hosting, dedicated hosting and with guarantee resources and maintain the websites with successive performance over the year. The reliability and server uptime is given on the basis of site which is online; justhost will beat the record of all other hosting companies in the industry.

shared web hosting


Hostnine is a sophisticated world leader in shared hosting services and continually evaluating by improving the products line and enhance your web services. They are in strive to provide the customers with everything which are needs to be successful as when the technology changes. Hostnine is successive from the year of 2006 making the novice customers brutally happy in all occasion. Hostnine is fantasy service provider in shared, reseller, cloud vps, dedicated servers and domains with low cost and services. The shared plan is very cheap and best in with the good price of $3.99 per month with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and SSL layer worth $39.99 is free of cost and Dedicated IP address for $2 per month with Generic US Central Datacenter.


Ipage is the Industry topper in web hosting serving with business, personal, social and non-profit websites and their platform servers more than 1,000,000 customers for more than 10 years. They are contributing the shared hosting services with instant freedom to create the online presence and it reflects customers with brand or personality with supporting techniques. Just paying $1.99 per month for the shared hosting services customer could avail disk space, bandwidth, email, site builders and also 24/7 support. is yielding the services to the users with 30 day money back guarantee and they are well versed in Green hosting web services. Their datacenter, server, and all other hosting architecture use green energy in form of wind turbines with high cost only with the proper motto of non-profit organization.


Hostgator is versatile global provider of web hosting and related services which was founded in a small room at Florida Atlantic University at Brent Oxley. They are innovant in leading sector of shared, reseller, vps and dedicated webhosting, cloud hosting, wordpress hosting with 7 international offices across the world. They have over 850 employees to emphasise on superior support around the clock with more than 8,000,000 hosted domains. Each web hosting plan features with 45 day money back guarantee with 99.9% uptime which was guaranteed by CEO.

SSD Shared Hosting :

SSD (Solid State Drive) Shared hosting is a device which is used to store a data and it uses the integrated circuit which gives more assemblies with memory to store the data. They have no mechanical components with the ease use of cutting edge non-volatile storage technology and also there is no requirement of mechanical movement for every time data that are needs to be processed always.

SSD webhosting will benefit in 2 aspects namely performance and reliability, support up to 300% faster web hosting performance. SSDs are designed for the clients that erupts a faster reading speed of 6.0 GB/s.

ssd shared hosting

SSD could work in extremely high or low temperature ranging from 20 to 85 degree Celsius and it has shortened the life of a hard drive with best reliability. It could give only optimized performance and increased data safety, reliability with better choices for shared webhosting customers. SSD have no moving parts and such that it is very safe to keep your data with high security and it does not crash till the end of life.


A2 hosting is a high and performance based hosting solutions which will give more perfect run to a website with professional developer to meet unique needs. They make enjoy the customers with happy mood and maintain the same level of service with ultra reliance performance. delivers shared hosting, vps hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting in budget price with reliant features and contributing a 100% worry free hosting experience. The high speed hosting named SSD comes with $3.92 per month with a limited time offer and it has the turbo speed of 20x faster where it gives the best and tolerance value for the super fast speed.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is the business class hosting provider providing the free SSDs in all types of hosting services that are serviced under them. Shared SSD hosting comes with a unique price of $4.89 per month with best cPanel for easy server management, free domain, fast content delivery and also with great 30% discount on all shared hosting. Inmotion hosting is responsible for large blog, e-commerce store with lot of database input and output, popular traffic flow with peak viewing times. The uptime guarantee contributes with the usage of server and they give assurance of 99.9% with the given time network.

Web Hosting Checklist you need to check before you buy

Aware of Hosting Needs

The customer could get right web host before purchasing any of the hosting provider in common mind. Viral Questions that comes to mind are Windows applications, PHP software, special software, big or small web traffic volume on the go. Confirm the web hosting provider to make clearance of what kind of websites are you going to lead? If the customer chooses shared hosting provider come with the industry top leader named as iPage, bluehost, justhost and hostgator.

Server Reliability

Purchasing a domain or a hosting is simple and making them operational with 24/7 is quite difficult for the hosting companies. The customer should acquire only powerful server and stable network connections with 99.9% uptime score and there are number of different ways to obtain a web hosting uptime. Track the simple uptime records based on the websites from time to time with trail basis and check the accuracy time of the website that needs to be in online. When the customer filters few hosting provider make sure with small downtime that could result in big business opportunity.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a small data file that is printed digitally with a cryptographic key to the organizations details. SSL is most necessary if you are running with the eCommcerce website, and the necessary part to choose the SSL certificate that can fulfill your needs. When it is installed on a web server, it will be activating like the padlock and https protocol that allows only the secure connections from a web server to a browser.  Make sure about the awareness of SSL certificates that are available in online like wildcard, SSL, EVS SSL, Domain validation SSL etc.

Server Upgrade Options

The server upgrade option is the main checklist that needs to be considered before while buying the web hosting plan. The shared web hosting is very pretty powerful than other hosting services on using with a rough concept of supporting only a proper optimized wordpress. When switching to the other server, confirm with the hosting provider, whether it has a upgradable option? Switching to virtual private networks from shared hosting will make more processing power, memory capacity, disk storage and better security features.


Scalability is a best vital feature with the one that has taken more account with the current features and it will be always ideal for the new site. In future, web hosting server could lead to upgrade or downgrade according to the reviews where it arrives in a best stage with lot of traffic, high volume, data, hosting company and it should be able to provide the extra features what the customer looking for.  If a website is started with high featured web host plan and at later  wanted to switch to a low plan with less features the customer should make understand with the hosting company policy well before and make it happen.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy will get gathered only when a hosting provider is not able to meet the requirement of the customer. It is extreme important to know the web hosting provider handle customer and it refunds such that you don’t have to lose too much money when the things go in wrong side. The hosting companies can provide anytime money back guarantee whether you ask for a pro-rated refund with the trial period. The refund is usually given to the customers at a level of 30 to 45 days according to the demand.