Cheap Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is a computer which is available in single connected to a network for serving with the needs of the network. The server may be entirely dedicated to any individual person, organization or application and it is managed by a cloud or managed service provider. There is lot of flexibility than shared hosting, as a dedicated server is usually requested with a website that may develop a considerable amount of traffic. They are the permanent solutions for the larger business and allows the maximal customization, configuration with secured unparalleled support. A dedicated server may be used only to host the applications and for data storage and backup services.

dedicated server

Owning a dedicated server will provide your websites with higher level of security, speed and uptime with the best capability.  The customer should have the capacity to go and work beyond with the resource limitation which could be found in the shared web hosting environment. The dedicated server is listed with two types namely managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, main difference is two servers are negligible in part of hardware. A managed server is run by the web host firm and unmanaged server is operated by the other hand of people. The dedicated server is internally used for hosting and specialized services by implementing the dedicated file or network servers.


Servermania is the cheap and best dedicated server company leading with the price and service to the nose to get apt of all hosting services. They are reflecting with the dedication level with needs of the client and backed by powerful surge platform to serve more in cloud, vps, dedicated and web hosting solutions.  The company was founded in 2002 and located in Canada offering premium data centers in North America. The server plan starts form the price of $79 per month with enterprise grade hardware, fully customizable, intel dedicated servers.

They have partnered with DDoS Mitigation experts to offer the next generation analytics with driven protection facility. The account management in will enable them to have the full control over account services, 24/7/365 technical support fleet with average 15 minutes response time with industry standard quality. It has a special feature named Remote power reboots with two-tier remote reboot capability offering two methods of remote and a system prior to restart.


Hivelocity was founded in 2002 named with a single mission to create an exceptional company started with a rack of servers located in quintessential basement. They provides dedicated severs, collocation, cloud hosting solutions to thousands of business people from over 130 countries and around the world. Hivelocity is a privately held company with 50 staffs who could bare metal servers that are built up to your exact specifications. They are offering 24/7 private and more secure access to the locking cabinets with more facility where you can have a wide range of best edge solutions and software.

The dedicated server plan has very low cost  of $99 only with single processor, when compared with other servers  and it has the special features namely Intel Xeon processors, 4 cores and hyper threading, 8 GB memory, 500 GB SATA, 20TB transfer rate. It also has dual processors plans and quad core processor plans with different prices starting from $99 to $1199. Each of the web servers includes 10 GB of free cloud storage with best upgradable options of up to 2 TB storage available. The firewalls help in preventing the unauthorized access and new back up rapid store with 100% sever data.